Mmotnak tell you What are Retainers?

Mmotnak tell you What are Retainers?

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Around the level 20 markers in the primary story pursuit series, you will unlock the ability to hire your very own Retainer. These are custom-made NPCs who can store excess items, sell items for you on the sector and even be sent off on adventures of their own with Ventures. When you unlock Retainers, you'll want to head into the Retainer Vocate in almost any significant city. There, you will get to customise them completely, just as you did with your character Buy FFXIV Gil, assign them a personality, and provide them a unique name.

From then on, you can summon your Retainer by interacting with a summoning bell, which are located in each major city, in your inn room, and some distinctive encampments around Eorzea which are naturally highly populated. Having a list space of 175 slots, they have space to hold lots of items; even untradable ones. You could also save Gil on them also. Using these to sell items on the market will send some Gil directly to their own storage for you to pick up after.

Retainer Ventures are all mini-missions that you are able to send your useful servant on. It is possible to equip your Retainer with gear just like yourself, from combat classes and collecting courses. The better stats they have, the better rewards they'll have the ability to have out of ventures. Here's a listing of ventures you can send themHunting,Mining,Botany,Fishing.

These can benefit you with things regarding the venture itself, e.g. Hunting will provide you things that FF14 Gil are found on slain creatures, whereas Botany will offer wood and plant material. There is also Exploration versions of all four mission types, which take a lot more time to finish, but provide your Retainer a whole lot more experience before conclusion; perfect to place up before you go to bed. The Quick Exploration partnership is the last of the whole lot - it'll send out your Retainer to go and bring just one thing, but that thing can be just about anything from crap, furniture, to end-game equipment.
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