Maplestory Suggestion - Nerf Elite Boss Rewards

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Maplestory Suggestion - Nerf Elite Boss Rewards

Postprzez Cszcy » 6 cze 2018, o 08:35

I know what you guys are thinking... "NERF REWARDS? WHY?! ARE YOU STUPID?!

I'd try to train at a Drakes map or perhaps in super deserted maps but folks would come and lag the place with their abilities and even attempt to ks to make us kill MS Mesos . Despite asking those individuals to not kill steal our mobs or junk their abilities that cause lag, a number of these players don't and won't pay 90 percent of their time.

Previously, elite supervisors were only available to those of the identical degree range involving rewards. Even though there were kill stealers hoping to hunt the Elite boss, there wasn't half the host coming over and causing the lag. The new method of recieving rewards from Elite bossing have generated a huge problem with kill stealing and also much lag with the person who is attempting to train their personality in peace.

I suggest we bring back the old method of level range only characters, which are allowed to receive the buy Maplestory Mesos instead of "whoever hits the elite boss, gets at least 1 reward" method. I know people depend on those Elite Bosses to make maplestory mesos out of them but they should not have to ks the player or induce the participant to lag by disturbing their gameplay. If the community can't learn to respect other people, then I think they might have to follow a new set of principles so as to get what they need.

This issue was becoming a huge issue in my own server and it is keeping me and some of my friends from making any more characters on account of the lack of respect people are giving. I understand "this is the world wide web, we cannot control people online" but whats the purpose of playing the game if individuals scare the players away from the game?
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