hp printer tech support | hp printer phone number

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hp printer tech support | hp printer phone number

Postprzez hpprintersupport » 9 sie 2019, o 10:12

How does HP encourage eco-friendly printing for a forest positive future?

HP came up with a bold vision and pledge to introduce several initiatives that protect the world’s forest and reduces carbon emissions during operations. Here’s a look at how HP encourages eco-friendly printing for a forest positive future:
• Completed goal of 100% zero-deforestation with HP-branded paper.
• 33% annual reduction in carbon emissions thanks to Managed Print Services
• Specific HP products use up to 30% closed-loop, post-consumer plastics.
• Products include lower melt temperatures to reduce energy consumption.
• HP slowly shifting to renewable, carbon-neutral energy during operations.
• The company recycles plastic from old HP cartridges to create new products.
If you would like to know more about the eco-friendly features of your HP Printer you can call the hp printer customer support number and speak to a trained printer technician.

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