HUBLOT 521.NX.05IB.VR.BER19 Classic Fusion

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HUBLOT 521.NX.05IB.VR.BER19 Classic Fusion

Postprzez eigaoy » 9 sie 2019, o 04:50

Hublot's Dashing Diamonds: Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph High Jewelry One of the fun of the Basel world is that every date brings you an exciting new best replica watches that will make your heart beat.

In the Internet age, as we saw many new watches on social media before the show, the passion has diminished, but one type of watch is rarely previewed: diamond inlays.

Unless the price of a diamond-set watch is comparable to that of a medium-sized country, it is rarely released. When I accidentally face-to-face with Hublot's classic fusion of Aerofusion Chrono jewellery, these factors work: I don't realize the model that I never forget.

Case of persuading diamonds
I am a big fan of Hublot, a love story that started a long time ago, when Carlo Crocco was still the owner and CEO of the brand. Today Hublot is a completely different animal, but the same soul.

When you take away high-profile sponsors, celebrity ambassadors and luxury parties, you get an innovative manufacturing that dares to think outside the box. Through high quality, original and imaginative design, Hublot often works with each other to support its reputation in terms of cases and actions.

In addition, when it comes to diamond-set watches, Hublot manages to distinguish itself from other devices. Yes, the so-called Million Dollar Big Bang took the headlines (see Hublot Big Bang's decade: Fusion, Diamond and 'Rock' culture), but looking at the past, we saw a series of beautiful, well-made diamond inlays. Watches offer a wide range of prices, suitable for consumers, the million dollar big bang is just a bit too much - economy and carat weight.HUBLOT Big Bang Minute Repeater Tourbillon

It's all in this environment
Anyone can inlay some diamonds on their watches and increase the price proportionally. And, unfortunately, this is how many brands approach their diamond-set watches: as a cash cow.

For diamond-set watches, Hublot has been going very high in this regard, which is why diamond-set watches are used as works of art, which is why many of them are not just ordinary models with some diamonds added. .

Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph High Jewelry Gold King
Classic Fusion Aerofusion is my personal favorite Hublot watch series, because it has the middle ground between the brand created by Crocco and the brand of Biver entering the next level, and the score of "DNA level" in each era is very high.

Incorporating this watch on a brilliantly cut diamond will create a diamond event with a lot of flames and flicker. Although common, this is not the route Hublot takes, and to be honest, it may be because it will be a common route. Hublot decided to push the envelope and use rectangular cut diamonds.

The rectangular bread cut in its original form is rectangular in shape with the sides cut at different angles. Therefore, the light is reflected differently inside the stone, and the result is more low-key, followed by a bright cut. This of course is in stark contrast to the diamond itself: because of its shape you need bigger diamonds, they retain more carat weight.

So while they look milder (if you can say something about diamonds), the overall carat weight of the watch in which they are set is much higher than the same watch with brilliant cut diamonds.Jacob Co Astronomia Tourbillon Dragon

Hublot did not choose the traditional rectangular cut on the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph, but created a twisted design that reminds me of the barrel sequence at the beginning of every James Bond movie. The problem is that the cutting of each stone must be determined separately and then cut and polished according to its specific location.

Moreover, this involves not only the case but also the dial.

Rectangular cut diamonds on the dial are rare. Sometimes they can be used as hour markers, but they hardly outline small fonts like on Hublot. The reason for this is their relative thickness: since most diamond-set watches are based on existing models, they need to be raised and, in some cases, the thickness of the entire watch.

Usually, brands don't make such troubles for watches, they only sell a small amount.

Drawn by diamond

As the setting also continues on the dial, the oblique view extends from the case to the bezel and into the center of the table. Since Hublot chose a hollowed out dial, the effect will increase because of the underlying mechanism visible.replica michele watches

This watch combines charm and cruel mechanical power, just like the attraction of an agent. For me, this is also the difference between Classic Fusion Aerofusion chronograph and all other diamond-inlaid watches: the role of diamonds in design is beyond the value and added value.

They add a layer of technical complexity to promote beautiful watches into works of art. Few diamond-inlaid watches can achieve this goal like Hublot.

Hublot offers classic fusion Aerofusion chronograph jewellery in white gold or proprietary King Gold, which is redder than the traditional 5N red gold.

Made from white gold, this watch is surprisingly crafted with precious metals and diamonds.

The King Gold version is very different: the golden red color is reflected in the rectangular cut diamonds, giving them a warmer luster, while also being magnified by the metal visible between them. This leads to a very rich appearance.

However, this setting is better than gold, and that's what it should be. It makes Classic Fusion Aerofusion chronograph jewellery one of the finest diamond-set watches in recent years.tonino lamborghini watches

Introduction to Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph High Jewelry
Case: 45 x 14.4 mm, white gold or King Gold set with 90 rectangular cut diamonds (approx. 4.9 carats), gold bezel set with 112 rectangular cut diamonds (approx. 6.2 carats)
Dial: 66 rectangular cut diamonds (~2.85 carats)
Movement: automatic movement HUB1155, 4 Hz / 28,800 vph, power reserve 42 hours, 207 parts (including 60 gems)
Function: hour, minute, second; chronograph
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Re: HUBLOT 521.NX.05IB.VR.BER19 Classic Fusion

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Re: HUBLOT 521.NX.05IB.VR.BER19 Classic Fusion

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