Giants vs. Jaguars: 6 things we learned

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Giants vs. Jaguars: 6 things we learned

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What did we learn about the New York Giants on Sunday? We learned that the thing that seemed most worrisome heading into the season Rhett Ellison Jersey , the offensive line, is still a major problem for the Giants.In a 20-15 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, GM Dave Gettleman’s rebuilt hog mollies were the Giants’ Achilles Heel. Jacksonville has a great defense with a number of dynamic players in its front seven. The Giants were never going to dominate this group, but what we saw Sunday is just not going to cut it.“We battled,” coach Pat Shurmur said. “You’re looking at a top 10 defense and we battled ‘em. I thought they fought throughout the game. We could probably point to individual bad plays by everyone, me included. “I feel like they battled. We’ve just gotta go back and correct the mistakes.”Ereck Flowers is still Ereck FlowersA switch from left tackle to right tackle can’t hide the simple reality that Ereck Flowers is the weakest of the weak links on the Giants’ offensive line. Flowers was penalized for tripping on the Giants’ first offensive play, negating a 5-yard completion. He was then penalized for holding, negating a 34-yard pass to Evan Engram and putting the Giants in a second-and-20mess at their own 4-yard line.Flowers got the Giants off to an atrocious start, and he made the MetLife Stadium crowd restless right from the beginning.It didn’t get better. Flowers gave up one of the two sacks of Eli Manning, helplessly watching Lerentee McCray beat him to the inside. On the game-altering pick 6 by Myles Jack it was pressure allowed by Flowers that forced Manning to step up and into a path where Jacksonville defensive tackle Abry Jones could tip the pass.Eli is in serious dangerManning was sacked twice. The official NFL stats have him being hit six times. He was under pressure constantly. The Giants went from taking a number of deep shots early in the game to throwing more short, quick routes as the game wore on.Take out the spectacular 68-yard run by Saquon Barkley, most of which he did on his own by breaking three tackles, the Giants rushed for 46 yards on their other 22 attempts, 2.09 yards per attempt. There were 6 runs for no gain or negative yardage.Without watching film it is difficult, other than Flowers, to point fingers at specific players. Left tackle Nate Solder had a holding penalty. Rookie left guard Will Hernandez surrendered a sack. Right guard Patrick Omameh was the blocker when Abry Jones got his hands up to deflect the pass that turned into a tipped Pick 6.“It was a tough battle,” Solder said. “If we would’ve kept it in manageable down and distances, we prevented ourselves from a lot of plays because we were getting the penalties and stupid things that we control — like I had that holding. That was totally in my control and I need to clean that up.”In the post-game, Manning tried to take some of the heat off his linemen.“This might be the most talented defense and front four we go against all season. They’re good,” Manning said. “Those guys coming out the first game, I thought things settled down in the second half and they did a good job. Picked up some of the blitzes and hit some nice plays, big plays. I am proud of the way those guys competed and played. We had a chance to win the game.Let’s look now at some of the other things we learned on Sunday.Saquon is pretty goodSunday is probably how it’s going to be with Saquon Barkley. He didn’t do much for a loooong time. At halftime he had 6 carries for 12 yards Cheap Landon Collins Jersey , 1.5 yards per rush, and hadn’t caught a pass. In the third, quarter, runs of 8 and 5 yards, but nothing extraordinary.Then, in the fourth quarter, this:Barkley electrified the MetLife Stadium crowd by breaking two tackles at the line of scrimmage, somehow staying in bounds while avoiding a third, and going 68 yards for a score to give the Giants a chance.The young man is special. No doubt about that.Pass rush problemsTo their credit, the Giants kept Jacksonville’s offense off the scoreboard in the second half. As expected, though, with Olivier Vernon sidelined the Giants had difficulty putting any pressure on Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles.The Giants ended up with a sack and four hits on the Jacksonville quarterback. While he didn’t throw down the field often, when he did he generally had plenty of time to do so. Return issue hasn’t been solvedThe Giants churned through Kalif Raymond and Hunter Sharp in the preseason, finding both wanting as kickoff and punt returners. They were awarded Kaelin Clay off waivers. At least Sunday that didn’t work out very well. Clay had 3 punt returns for just 4 yards. He also gave away the Giants’ final chance to win the game, muffing a punt that was recovered by Jacksonville at the Giants’ 21-yard line with just :45 seconds left.Cody Latimer returned one kickoff for just 15 yards.Odell is “pretty healthy”That is how Shurmur assessed him after watching Odell Beckham Jr. in his first game since fracturing his ankle in Week 5 of last season. Beckham caught 11 passes for 111 yards, along the way smashing Anquan Boldin’s record for receptions in the first 50 games of an NFL career. Boldin had 314. In 48 games, Beckham now has 324.For the most part Jacksonville kept Beckham in front of them, not allowing him much yardage after catches. The one time Beckham did get behind the Jacksonville defense Manning overshot him on a play that had the potential to be a 33-yard touchdown.“I feel like every day at practice Eli and I have been getting open and finding ways to separate. Now it’s about putting all the pieces together, he needs a little bit more time, we need to find a way to make those catches on third down. We need to find ways to keep drives alive, we went into the first game and unfortunately the ball didn’t roll our way. Like we said, it is a good starting point Cheap B.J. Hill Jersey ,” Beckham said.“It’s close, it’s football, though. We had those, if he can sit back in there just a little bit longer, just set his feet and get rid of it. It’s a collective thing, I can run faster, the O-line can block better, it’s just something we all have to get on the same page with. First game, I’m proud of this team, I’m happy to be back. I’m happy to be a part of this team, I’m looking forward to the season.”Something to build on?Beckham still seemed upbeat despite the loss. Reality is, the Giants were underdogs in this game for a reason. The Jaguars are good. They have a dominant defense and an efficient offense that avoids mistakes. It was no accident they reached the AFC Championship Game a year ago. The Giants are a team trying to find itself after a 3-13 season that led to massive changes in the front office, coaching staff and roster.There are no moral victories in the NFL. You either win or you don’t, and each opportunity that slips aways makes climbing the mountain to the playoffs more difficult. Still, Beckham wasn’t the only Giant who thought there were good things the team could take from Sunday.“I told the players that the important part of this game that we can work with is they hung together, they played hard from the first snap to the last, we just didn’t make enough plays in the end to win this game, especially a one-score game throughout. We’ll get that fixed and again, this is a new team, we’ve got new systems,” Shurmur said. “I’m certainly hugely disappointed that we lost for our fans, and our ownership Cheap Dalvin Tomlinson Jersey , and for those players in the locker room. I’m disappointed we lost, but there’s a lot of good in that locker room and they’re going to hang together, I really believe they will and will come out 鈥?against Dallas.Manning was also positive.“I’m encouraged just because I have seen the way we work and the men we have in this locker room. The talent that we have and guys taking care of each other,” Manning said. “Just encouraged by the whole situation. We can get things going and we can play at a high level. We will make it work.”Yes, the Giants are losing — but these aren’t the same old Giants Pat Shurmur is not Ben McAdoo. The 2018 New York Giants are not the 2017 New York Giants. With an 0-2 start there is panic in the fan base that the Giants will be awful again and accusations by many in the media that it’s already obvious the Giants have chosen the wrong path by building around Eli Manning rather than drafting a quarterback and preparing for a future without him. Truth is, they might be. And they may have. It is, however, too early to tell.Even many of the questions Shurmur gets from the media are tinged with the memories of the miserable experience of the 3-13 season of a year ago. Shurmur said early in his press conference Wednesday that “I think it’s hard to evaluate a team and a season after two weeks. I really do.”The question Shurmur had been asked was about Sunday’s opponent, the 0-2 Houston Texans. His answer, though, was as much about his own team as it was about Houston.The coach is aware of the unrest. He hears the questions that reference last season. On Wednesday, he seemed a little weary of them.“See, that’s why I’m answering the questions with fresh eyes. I don’t remember what was here a year ago,” he said. “I’ve got compassion for the questions and what the experience is, I get that, but we are moving forward with the idea that we’re going to do what we can to get ourselves right. I’m not worried about that.”Shurmur and these Giants need to be judged on their own merit, not as a continuation of the disaster that was 2017. There is a new general manager in Dave Gettleman. There are more than 30 players on the roster who weren’t Giants last season. I have said often that there is no way the Giants could fix every problem that cropped up in 2017 in one offseason. They’ve tried, but they haven’t. They have, however, done a lot of positive things. What they haven’t done yet is win a game, which is why a fan base and a ravenous media that remembers last year all too well keeps bringing it up.These Giants, though , need to be judged on their own merit.“We get evaluated all the time. I understand when you don’t win, this is what comes with it, I get it. When you do win, you’ve still got to turn your back on what people say and just keep moving. I get that,” Shurmur said on Wednesday. “We’re always evaluating everything, and when the game is over you give praise and assign blame, I get that. But I think what we have to do as a team is not let all that conversation polarize us. We just stay together and move forward. And typically the teams that do pull through in the end.”The 2018 Giants won’t succeed or fail because of McAdoo. Because of Jerry Reese. Because of personnel decisions made by others. They will succeed or fail based on their own decisions, based on how well they do their own jobs. The players remain supportive of their head coach despite the slow start.“He’s a great head coach. He’s just super positive. Just telling us it’s about taking it one day at a time at practice, and getting better. That’s one thing we know. If we can just take care of the little things in practice, we can definitely make a big improvement on game days,” said Eli Apple. “He’s staying solid and telling us let’s go get it in practice, and be solid in practice.”John Greco, taking over for Jon Halapio as the starting center, has known Shurmur since they were together with the St. Louis Rams in 2009. This is the third time he has been on a team with Shurmur.Greco said Shurmur is handling 0-2 “the same way I think any other coach would.”“Never too high never too low, just have to keep approaching each day like we have been and eventually if we keep putting in that effort and investing the time and energy into it the wins are going to come. Hopefully sooner than later, and that’s kind of our mindset we just have to do it. Every man has to look deep in themselves and find one thing to get better on each week and that’s going to help us.”Shurmur has often said he feels like the Giants are on a good path. Quarterback Eli Manning indicated Wednesday that he believes his new coach has a grasp on the big picture.“I think he understands the big situation and I think he looks forward to the challenge of where we are and that we are going to get better and we’re going to make improvements and things will come around, but it does come from everybody. Everybody’s feeling this out and getting used to each other, used to how things are going to kind of work out week-to-week and game planning and I think we’re all kind of figuring out the best way to approach each week.As he and the Giants should be, Shurmur is trying to point the Giants forward. Whether he and the Giants succeed or fail, let’s let him do that.
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