The competition committee said in a statement issued by NFL

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The competition committee said in a statement issued by NFL

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vice president of football operations Troy Vincent a week ago that it would make no changes to roughing the passer or emphasis. If that’s the case Youth Jaire Alexander Jersey , then Clay Matthews has even more questions after two Patriots landed with their body weight on Andrew Luck on Thursday night.It appears that indeed officials have altered what they are ruling roughing the passer.Officials called only five roughing the passer penalties in 15 games in Week Four after calling 34 in 48 games the first three weeks. In the first quarter Thursday night, Patriots defensive players Trey Flowers and Patrick Chung crushed Luck for a 10-yard loss. Both landed on Luck with their body weight, though there was no “second act” of “lifting and driving.”“The hit on Luck would have been a foul in the first three weeks of the season,” FOX rules analyst Mike Pereira, the NFL’s former head of officiating, tweeted. “The defender did try to break his fall at the end. I am happy that is not being called. The conference call with the competition committee has made a difference.”Matthews, of course, had three penalties for roughing the passer in the first three weeks. Although he was not fined for any of them, the one against Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins negated an interception that would have iced a Packers’ victory in Week Two. Instead, the game ended in a tie.Colts linebacker Najee Goode was called for a roughing penalty on Tom Brady in the second quarter, but it was for a shot to Brady’s head. Cheese Curds, 10/3: Can practice time get Rodgers & Packers offense back on track? We’re midway through the week Womens Tramon Williams Jersey , giving us a few days worth of time to reflect back on the comments made by Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers regarding the team’s 22-0 victory over the Buffalo Bills. There still is little clarity on whether a rift truly exists between him and head coach Mike McCarthy, but it’s certainly clear that Rodgers was frustrated by the team’s lack of success on offense recently.Part of the problem on Sunday was Rodgers himself, however, as he missed a handful of throws that he would typically make. A 22-for-40 day is pretty poor by Rodgers’ standards, and represents his lowest completion percentage over a full game in about two years (since a 23-for-45 day against the Giants in 2016). Drops were certainly a factor again, but these may be two symptoms of a single cause.That possible cause is Rodgers’ lack of practice time since injuring his knee in week one. Yes, Rodgers did practice on Thursday last week, but that was the first non-Saturday practice he has participated in over the past few weeks. With the team returning to the practice field today, hopefully Rodgers will be able to work on a Wednesday as well to help ensure that his chemistry with his receivers gets back on track.Aaron Rodgers brings Green Bay Packers’ offensives issues to forefront - ESPNRodgers is a competitor, but with comments like “no flow to the game” and saying that Davante Adams didn’t get more targets because “it’s by the plan,” it’s clear that he’s unhappy about some of the offense’s overall direction.How Packers can resolve Rodgers' dispute with McCarthy | Packersnews.comTom Silverstein makes the case that it's on Mark Murphy to bring Rodgers and McCarthy into his office to sit down, air out their differences Womens Antonio Morrison Jersey , and move on. Agree or disagree?First NFL start was ‘growing process’ for Marquez Valdes-Scantling | Packers.comMVS had a few rookie mistakes -- most notably not coming back for the football on a near-interception -- but he flashed with his speed on a 38-yard go route and got valuable live reps all day on Sunday.Patricia doesn't plan to increase RB Johnson's reps - NFL.comNext Sunday's opponent, the Lions, are dealing with their own running back issues and like Mike McCarthy, Matt Patricia refuses to fully commit to his best back in the near future.David Bakhtiari quietly putting together another All-Pro season | Packers WireWe jut can't say enough about how great Bakhtiari is, particularly as a pass-blocker. This year, he's exceeding the level of play from the past two years that got him second-team All-Pro honors.Zoo forced to use plastic penguins after nationwide shortage | Metro NewsTelford Exotic Zoo in Shropshire just invested 60,000 pounds in a new penguin shelter, but because of an outbreak of avian malaria, there are no penguins in the UK to fill the space.
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Re: The competition committee said in a statement issued by

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