ti-terrorism and people-to-people exc

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ti-terrorism and people-to-people exc

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URUMQI Cam Robinson Rush Jersey , June 28 (Xinhua) -- Memetyusup Sidiq has never heard of Haagen-Dazs, but he is certainly proud of his homemade ice cream, a real treat in northwest China's sweltering summer.

Haagen-Dazs -- a made-up name intended to resemble the Danish for "happy days" -- was only founded 56 years ago. Margilan, the ice cream store Memetyusup inherited from his father has been serving up creamy delights for 84 years, and it was 57 years ago that the 10-year-old Memetyusup began to learn the secrets of his father's trade.

In 1933, Memetyusup's father left what was then the Soviet Union for Yining City, in what is now Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Logan Cooke Rush Jersey , and settled down to make ice cream. Back then, it was the only ice cream in town.

Today, Memetyusup is still producing the "taste of childhood," as one customer put it, made simply with milk, eggs, sugar and no additives. The recipe has changed little Ronnie Harrison Rush Jersey , but today a mixing machine has cut down some of the hard work. The precise proportion of ingredients is a secret known only to Memetyusup himself.

The ice cream master "adjusts the proportions according to the quality of milk so that the flavor remains constant," says Adiljan Eysaq, 22, Memetyusup's grandson and apprentice.

One of Adiljan's daily chores is to scour two ginormous iron pots, each weighing 250 kilograms. It is one of the most important -- and the first -- step in making perfect Margilan ice cream. Before Adiljan was allowed to do it by himself, he was under the close supervision of his grandfather for six years.

"If the pot is not clean, the ice cream will go sour Telvin Smith Rush Jersey ," Adiljan explains while scrubbing with a whetstone that has been used for 17 years.

After that, Adiljan pours milk into the sparkling pot and Memetyusup adds just the right amount of sugar.

The milk is then brought to the boil. "Duration and temperature are the key," says Memetyusup. "Too hot and the milk will be burnt; not enough heat and the sugar will not melt."

It takes him five hours to produce the perfect caramel milk. Then he adds eggs, stirs the mixture thoroughly, and puts it in the freezer.

While the mixture freezes, Memetyusup constantly tastes it and adjusts the flavor. "It's the hardest step, a real skill Blake Bortles Rush Jersey , and needs years' practice," he says.

When the mixture has sufficiently crystallized, Memetyusup spends another 40 minutes stirring before freezing again. Only then is the Margilan signature ice cream ready.

A scoop of ice cream in Margilan is about the same size as a small carton of Haagen-Dazs but sells for only two yuan (around 30 U.S. cents).

Memetyusup shakes his head when he learns that the ice cream of his American "competitors" costs fifteen times as much. Price, he says, is not necessarily an indicator of quality.

"For 57 years I've made a living through ice cream. My family, including my wife and our five children, are well off thanks to my ice cream A.J. Bouye Rush Jersey ," says the proud entrepreneur, who has turned his father's small stall into a busy store.

He expects to pass on the craft to Adiljan, and is optimistic about the future, as his store is in a folk tourism area, which features local multi-ethnic dwellings and ancestral handcrafts like iron pot casting and saddle making.

In peak season, Memetyusup can sell 70 kilograms of ice cream each day. To attract more customers, Adiljan is developing new flavors by adding local dried fruit and almonds.

But the regular customers still prefer the original flavor.

"It's the flavor of my hometown Myles Jack Rush Jersey ," says Xin Yanhua, 55. She comes to Margilan all year round. She usually treats herself three scoops, or buys a kilo to take home for her children.

"Young people prefer big brands in the supermarket," she says. "But I just love homemade ice cream. It is the taste of happy days."

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BARCELONA Leonard Fournette Rush Jersey , Feb. 24 (Xinhua) -- The World Mobile Congress being held in Barcelona is seeing many companies showcase technologies they believe will help improve business efficiency in many ways from increased security to inventions which will save time and money.

Brad Wu, from the company Article 12, which specializes in mobile hardware and software security, explained to Xinhua, that thanks to advances in communications technology business information will be better safeguarded.

"It can improve people's businesses in many ways," he said. "For example in a lot of countries, doctors and lawyers need to be very careful about data privacy. They have to keep it very safe otherwise they will lose money."

Derek G Roga Jalen Ramsey Rush Jersey , CEO of Article 12, said it was vital for business information to remain secret and that society demands increased privacy of information.

Time is all important in business where the saying "time is money" rings all too true and mobile solutions are working to ensure as little time, and money, is wasted as possible: for example, for an executive stuck in a traffic jam.

"Everyone gets caught in traffic jams these days and we waste a lot of time in slow moving traffic," Volvo's Anna Rynvall told Xinhua.

She said the Swedish car manufacturer believes it can help clients save the time they waste on their daily journeys to and from work by "offering a self-driving car."

"In that way the 'driver' doesn't have to concentrate on driving and can focus on other things," such as holding a video-conference and reading reports A. J. Cann Jersey , just as they would do as if they were in their offic. Authentic Alvin Kamara Jersey Authentic A.J. Bouye Jersey Authentic Adrian Peterson Jersey Wholeasale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Football Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Soccer Jerseys
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Re: ti-terrorism and people-to-people exc

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Re: ti-terrorism and people-to-people exc

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Re: ti-terrorism and people-to-people exc

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