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Changing the Face of Food Logistics: The U-Turn Project Business Articles | April 28 Men's Off-White x Air Max 97 Elemental Rose Sale , 2016

From courier drivers to managers, everyone in the food logistics industry will be affected by the U-Turn project. Read on to discover more.

Everyone in the logistics industry, from manager to courier driver, is becoming increasingly aware that the growth in population and the worrying rise in environmental damage, along with the increase in convenience stores and home delivery of Internet shopping are changing the face of food logistics. But what does this mean for the industry?

The Growth in Food E-Commerce

It is a fact that Men's Air Max 97 Ultra' 17 Dark Grey Sale , in 2014, 75 million Internet grocery orders were placed. But how many of us realise that this figure is set to rise to 170 million? This may be interpreted as providing big business for the supermarkets, but it has to be remembered that it is only the big name supermarkets - that can afford to entice customers with discounts and convenience shopping - that benefit from e-commerce, and that conventional shops are losing out.

What Does The Growth Signify?

The rapid growth rates pose huge issues for retailers and those involved on the policy making side of the industry. Many retailers are reaping little or no profit according to recent cost analyses, and only make any money at all when a delivery order totals more than around £70. On top of which Women's Air Max 97 Ultra' 17 Rose Gold Sale , courier drivers are limited with regards to delivery routes, van capacity and shift patterns and, due to this, consistently receive bad press from policy makers.

Needless to say, this area of food logistics is attracting huge attention Men's Air Max 97 Ultra '17 Pure Platinum Sale , and influential figures such as Boris Johnson are insisting that the ‘Click and Collect’ concept be developed with more centres around the capital - such as at Tube stations, car parks and other collection pods. ‘Click and Collect’ is a difficult thing to control for foodstuffs, however, as concerns about temperature control, food safety and customer preferences continue to cause issues.

With huge growth in e-commerce predicted in the near future Women's Air Max 97 Ultra '17 White Sale , something has to be done to accommodate it.

The U-Turn Project

Influential people in the industry have been working together to try to decide how to tackle the food logistics issues, and have come up with the U-Turn Project. The EU Horizon 2020 programme provides funding for the project which primarily aims to deduce new methods for urban food transport. These new methods will focus on increased efficiency from both an environmental and economic perspective and will affect everyone in the industry - including courier drivers.

Within this aim, the U-Turn concept has been created to develop a wider recognition and understanding of freight distribution within urban areas. Current freight flows will be considered and experts will decipher which areas of the industry can be further developed to promote more collaboration and logistics sharing.

The new methods will be carefully selected using results from analyses done on existing market data, after which a simulation experiment will take place. Only following a pilot study carried out in the UK, Greece Air Max 97 Ultra' 17 Metallic Silver Sale , Italy and Germany, will the methods be put into practice.

The effectiveness of U-Turn will be quantified by the benefits it brings, both to the economy and to society, but will also highlight areas that could potentially cause obstruction.

The Conclusion

The U-Turn team believes that the introduction of more city farms and Internet shopping have the most potential for new models. They insist that these, among other game changers Air Max 90 EZ Sale , will help change food transportation in urban areas for the better.

Packet switching networks such as the NPL network, ARPANET, Tymnet, Merit Network, CYCLADES Air Max TN Black Sale , and Telenet, were developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s using a variety of communications protocols.[2] Donald Davies first demonstrated packet switching in 1967 at the National Physics Laboratory (NPL) in the UK, which became a testbed for UK research for almost two decades.[3][4] The ARPANET project led to the development of protocols for internetworking, in which multiple separate networks could be joined into a network of networks.

The Internet protocol suite (TCPIP) was developed by Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf in the 1970s and became the standard networking protocol on the ARPANET, incorporating concepts from the French CYCLADES project directed by Louis Pouzin. In the early 1980s Air Max TN Mens Sale , the NSF funded the establishment for national supercomputing centers at several universities, and provided interconnectivity in 1986 with the NSFNET project, which also created network access to the supercomputer sites in the United States from research and education organizations. Commercial Internet service providers (ISPs) began to emerge in the very late 1980s. The ARPANET was decommissioned in 1990. Limited private connections to parts of the Internet by officially commercial entities emerged in several American cities by late 1989 and 1990,[5] and the NSFNET was decommissioned in 1995, removing the last restrictions on the use of the Internet to carry commercial traffic.

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